W dniu 11.11.2011 zakończyło się głosowanie na 7 Nowych Cudów Natury.
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Grunawald 2010 (cz. IV): Głosowanie SMS-owe naprawdę proste i szybkie

Grunawald 2010 (cz. IV): Głosowanie SMS-owe naprawdę proste i szybkie

Turyści odwiedzający specjalną "Strefę Mazur" na Polach Grunwaldzkich pytali się dlaczego zbieramy głosy na Mazury przez SMS.

QR Codes are a service which consists in a simple and fast access to multimedia content via mobile phone. A QR Code is a small black and white picture. In this picture information is coded, e.g. a link. Thanks to that after reading the QR Code with an application in a mobile phone we are directed to that link and we can get familiar with the content we are interested in.

Application which reads QR Codes uses the camera of the mobile phone. All you have to do is aim the cell phone with a turned on application towards the QR Code (it will be displayed on the screen). Then the phone “asks” whether it should enter the site. After accepting an Internet browser opens, with a link coded in the QR Code. In such a simple way the subscriber doesn’t have to type usually long and complicated Internet address in to get to the information they wanted.

For the purposes of the “Masuria – the Wonder of Nature” campaign held within the worldwide contest by the Swiss Foundation “New7Wonders” a QR Code was created. After being scanned by a mobile phone, which has the application needed to read the code, it will direct the user to:
-    the mobile site “Masuria – The Wonder of Nature”
-    the system which will send on a given e-mail address an instruction how to vote for Masuria via the Internet
-    the materials promoting Warmia and Masuria
-    the sections with gadgets for a mobile phone – wallpapers and ringtones

All the materials are available in 5 languages – Polish, English, German, French and Russian.

To use the mobile site “Masuria – the Wonder of Nature” (which is available for mobile phones of domestic and foreign operators):
-    send an SMS saying ODKODUJ to +48 507 67 69 67
-    the user gets a link to a mobile site which chooses appropriate QR Code Application
-    after turning it on one should use it to make a photo of a special QR Code
-    after detecting the QR Code one will be directed to the site “Masuria – the Wonder of Nature

QR Codes guarantee the lack of mistakes – the user doesn’t have to type into the mobile phone or write on a piece of paper a Internet address in which one can easy made a mistake.

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